For me- the last 6 months have been life changing and empowering. I think even more importantly than the pounds and inches I have lost I have gained a new respect for myself and my body. Though I may not be at the size I want yet- I feel positive, and SO much healthier. For so long I felt I didn't have time to work out -now I know that by making that time everyone in my family benefits. Having fibromyalgia was a stumbling block- I knew exercise would help, but felt too bad to motivate myself. I needed motivation, but had no clue where to turn. I honestly feel that Candelon has been a major positive influence for me. I was terrified to the start boot camp program, but from the 1st day Candelon was encouraging and positive even when I could only do 2 or 3 it ups at a time- at first I couldn't wait for my month to be over so I could go back to sleeping later in the am…by three weeks I was hooked-now I dread our breaks! I like the accountability the boot camp program forces me to have and when I accomplish something I thought I couldn't do-the feeling carries over to many other aspects of my life! -Samantha 

It has been instrumental in getting me back in shape. I feel like I have become much stronger and it has improved both my mental and physical health. I love meeting other women who want to get in shape too. I also like the variety of each day. I never know what I will be asked to do that day and it makes it a new experience every day. Love the coaches. Both Candelon has been supportive in anything I have needed. They are knowledgeable about what they are doing and have taught me a lot about living a healthy lifestyle. I had moved to Oklahoma four years ago and had quit working out when I got here. The transition of moving to a new state was hard on me. My friend encouraged me to try boot camp and I immediately loved it. Ten months later boot camp is part of my daily routine. Not only have I gotten back into shape, I have met some wonderful people! -Susan 

I enrolled in Candelon's Boot Camp in September of 2008.  I did not really like exercise and never really did it, but joined for one month as a favor to a friend.  I was so surprised how much I enjoyed the class and have been doing it ever since. In fact, I look forward to the class every day. I am addicted!  I attribute my new addiction to Candelon. She is professional, timely, and educated.  She varies the work out daily and targets zones that we want to work on.  She pushes us to do more in a positive way.  She has taught me how to make my diet healthier, helped me with training for 5k runs, educated me on proper running shoes, etc.  I am very impressed on how driven she is at such a young age.  When I started her class I had lost about 35 pounds.  Since then I have lost about 10 more, many inches in my waist and hips, and also have redefined the way my body looks.  I am 100% more fit than when I started. -Dianne 

I just want to thank you for being not only my "trainer" but my friend as well. There is NO WAY I could have lost these 25 pounds without you...and I am so thankful for having you push me and helping me stick to my goal. You are amazing at what you do...even when we are whining! ;) Anyway, thank you so much again. Your effort into getting us into shape does not go unnoticed and I appreciate it more than you will ever know! I look forward to our friendship growing! :) -Haley (25 LBS. LOST & 18.7 OVERALL INCHES)

Candelon, First & Foremost, thank you so much for this motivation and support this summer. Your boot camp not only raised my self-esteem, but it opened my eyes to a new way of life. For the first time I didn't dread working out...actually, I enjoyed it. I'm now doing things (running the whole bottom of OU stadium!!!) that I thought would be close to impossible! Keep doing what you do and know how greatly appreciated, despite the moans and groans. Have a great semester and I will see you in December.) Ideally, I will be hot and buff.) Thanks Again! -Jordan (6 OVERALL INCHES LOST!)

Hey Guys, Just wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge "thanks" to both of you! Jordan has had several other trainers and programs and none of them have been as successful as yours! Your kindness, patience, & encouragement have been such a blessing to her. So, please know-you have the power to change lives! Thanks! -Tracy (mom of a boot camper)

I love the workouts and have increased muscle mass and strength. I also have more energy and can run long distance (something I've never even tried!). I like the variety of the workouts & having it all done before my kids even wake up! I am a little bummed that I haven't lost any weight but I know that I have lost inches so it is probably just mental! Candelon is sweet, caring, and truly interested in our success. She has never been judgmental, only supportive! I have gone from feeling sluggish to energetic. I have more energy for my kids and I actually feel bad the days I don't get up and work out! It has changed my mentality about working out, for sure. -Emily 

I love the challenge of a great workout. I always felt like I was pushing harder than I would ever do on my own. The sessions were well suited to all levels and gave each camper an opportunity to do their best. I loved the boxing, the workout on the bike racks at Truman and all arm workouts. Candelon is motivating, true to life and lovely in every sense. I think she is answering her call to change lives through fitness. -Gina 

It was good to get out at the time to work out w/ladies only. CJ, not once said anything negative to any of us. It had an intense workout, I handled it the best I can, especially the first week. Ok. The only exercise I have been doing was walking 2 miles a day & that's all. I haven't worked out in 21 yrs. Yes, 21 years. When I knew that I wanted to do boot camp, I changed my walk into a mile run & that's all. Boot camp has given me great endurance & I'm so happy about that. Thank you. I am never giving up exercising again. Thanks again. -Rose 

I am grumpy the whole drive there, and probably about the first 5 minutes, but after the workout I feel so great. I loved the different workouts every day and not feeling pressured to push myself too hard. I randomly found the ad for this in Elk City Living and made myself sign up because I am never motivated to work out and I was very uncomfortable with my body. I also knew I needed to make a lifestyle change to stay healthy and workout on a regular basis, not just a period of time to lose weight. I joined by myself not knowing anyone, and not knowing what to expect. It turned out to be great experience. I am more motivated now and am starting to feel comfortable again with my body. -Marie 

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